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Are There Rules for Spending Child Support in Florida?

Florida law doesn’t require parents who receive child support to spend it in any specific way, but it’s expected that any parent who received child support will provide for their child’s basic needs.

This means that custodial parents have a lot of discretion when it comes to spending child support – so much so that it can be rolled up with their household’s other income and spent on expenses related to the overall care and welfare of a child.

This can be frustrating for parents who pay child support and wish to ensure it’s used to benefit their children. Unfortunately for such individuals, however, they can neither direct how child support is spent nor request that the court get involved without a substantial reason.

The Court Usually Doesn’t Direct How Parents Spend Child Support

Because Florida law doesn’t specifically mandate how child support should be spent, the courts are also usually pretty silent on this matter. The court’s foremost concern is the child’s best interest, so as long as a child isn’t lacking in their basic needs, it probably won’t be concerned with how a parent who receives child support chooses to spend it.

That said, the court may get involved if it becomes apparent that a child’s basic needs – such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care – aren’t being met. This can occur if a child appears malnourished, wears worn-out clothing, or suffers from an unaddressed medical condition. The parent who pays child support can petition the court to modify the support, which could trigger accounting requirements that track how the other parent spends child support.

If the receiving parent chooses to put expenses unrelated to their child’s care and welfare ahead of those that do, the court may modify child support or even custody to address this disparity.

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