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When Calculating Child Support, What Counts as Income?

For the purposes of calculating child support, any payment from any source can be considered income. That means a person’s salary and wages may not be the only income sources the court may take into account. Indeed, other income from tips, commissions, bonuses, and even government benefits can be counted as part of an individual’s income.

Whose Income Matters in a Child Support Calculation?

The court will evaluate both parents’ incomes when determining child support. Even if one parent is expected to pay child support to the other, the court evaluates the second parent’s income to assess an appropriate amount for the paying parent.

Income such as the following is considered when calculating child support:

  • Wages, salary, overtime, tips, bonuses, and other employment-based income
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Business revenue
  • Social security
  • Rental income
  • Alimony
  • Pension and annuity payments

There are other sources of income the court may consider when it comes to determining a fair amount of child support. Consult with your attorney to learn about the types of income in your life that may apply.

What If Either Party Isn’t Earning Income?

If either party is unemployed or underemployed, the court may “impute” income if it believes the lack or reduction in income is meant to reduce or avoid child support payments. When the court imputes income, it can calculate a salary you could make given your level of education, skills, and work experience.

If the court believes that a parent’s unemployment or underemployment is not willful, it may calculate a child support amount that the other party can petition to modify when the parent’s income increases.

Contact an Attorney for Assistance

When the court is calculating child support, it’s important that the amount it determines is fair. Whether you expect to receive or pay child support, having a dedicated attorney on your side can help you avoid being taken advantage of by this process.

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