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The Benefits of Co-Parenting Counseling for Divorced Parents

Although the ink on your divorce decree has dried, you cannot completely cut off your ex-spouse if you co-parent children together. The terms of your divorce likely did not include many stipulations as to how to raise your children, which can make life more complicated, as you must continue to compromise with your ex. Coparenting may be a helpful tool you and your ex can utilize so can move forward with a united front and learn to put your resentments behind you and prioritize the wellbeing of your children rather than continuing to fan the flames of your animosity towards each other.

Counseling Can Put an End to the Blame Game

You ended your marriage with your ex-spouse likely because you had differences you couldn’t or didn’t want to work on, and now that the divorce is finalized, there’s probably resentment from one or both of you. This is normal. Unfortunately, your children may get caught in the crosshairs of your animosity. Remember that you no longer have to work on having a committed marriage, your sole focus now is how to effectively co-parent. Through counseling, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries and resolve and defuse conflicts.

Seeking Solutions Through Healthy Communication

Try not to rehash past grievances when you have conversations with your spouse, especially if it involves your children. This can cause unnecessary friction if you can’t let go of what happened in the past. Try not to argue about past problems and tell your ex you are moving forward strictly as co-parents and remind them of your boundaries and of which topics in your personal life are off limits for discussion. Make this commitment for the sake of your children.

Learning Effective Parenting Strategies

By implementing consistent parenting strategies, you can avoid the push-pull that might occur when, say, your children begin to realize that dad lets the kids stay up until 10 p.m. but mom only lets them stay up until 9 p.m. An effective co-parenting counselor will provide objective advice to mediate and find solutions that both parents can agree upon that ultimately benefit your children and create a solid routine and healthy environment that best meets their needs. Not to mention, this will avoid resentment and blame between you and your ex-spouse.

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