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Hiding From Your Divorce Won’t Stop it From Happening

When you hire an attorney to represent you in your divorce, it’s not a set it and forget it situation. While your lawyer has the expertise in the laws governing your case, the client plays an integral role in ensuring their divorce proceeds as desired. Even if you are emotional about your divorce or need time to process your feelings, it’s important not to drag your feet during the process. Even if you don’t want the divorce, once the process has started, you need to complete documents on time and make appointments and keep them. If you’ve been served divorce papers, there are steps you need to take as you process what’s happening in your life.

How to Get Through a Surprise Divorce

If your partner has surprised you with a divorce, it can be a traumatic experience. But, sometimes, the best way to get through trying life events is to take control of the situation. Once you’ve read through the paperwork, you should find legal representation to advocate on your behalf. Your lawyer will give you more information about the next steps in the process. As you begin to take control of the situation, begin with your financial health. Locate all your financial records because they will be important early in the process.

Locate the following documents:

  • Tax Returns
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Business Documents
  • Banking Statements
  • Any Additional IRS Documents, like Audits or Payments

Educate Yourself: Do some light reading about the divorce process, so you will know what to expect, and you won’t feel as if you’ve been blind-sighted when things happen. You can create a list of questions for your attorney for anything you can’t find answers to or if you’d like more in-depth information. The goal isn’t to become a professional or expert in divorce law. Knowledge is power, and you want to regain control of your situation. Understanding and knowledge are a great place to begin.

Focus on the Kids: If you have children, focusing on your energy on ensuring your children are provided for and emotionally prepared for your divorce will help get you through the process. Thinking about your parenting plan and co-parenting arrangements will also help you start building a future life instead of focusing on the one that’s being taken away.

Being Proactive During Your Divorce

You can’t be reactionary about your divorce. Don’t wait for things to happen to you because it can lead to rushed decision-making and poor choices that may not be best for your situation. If you didn’t file for divorce and were served, you should begin by finding an attorney, deciding what’s important to you, and writing down any questions you may have before your consultation. Your attorney’s job is to help you navigate the unfamiliar territory that is the law. For most people, their experience with the law is limited, so it can be an intimidating process. Taking the reins of your divorce and being your own advocate means being proactive about your financial situation, custodial rights, and any shared real property that you can your spouse need to divide. When a divorce isn’t mutual or unexpected, one party is always caught off-guard. Being unprepared for a divorce is usually the default position for most people who find themselves served with divorce papers, but you can’t hide from your divorce or avoid it for too long.

Obtain the Legal Representation You Deserve

No one thinks that you can simply forget about your divorce with a To-Do list of tasks, but a plan and a good divorce lawyer can help you navigate the emotional experience with less stress and turmoil.

Meeting with an attorney as soon as you are served with divorce papers will help you set goals and remain focused on what you need in order to walk away from the marriage and land on your feet.

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