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Predict Divorce

Can Divorce be Predicted?

A lot has been written about whether there are predictors of divorce within a marriage. It’s an issue that many marriage and family therapists research and discuss to provide couples with indicators they hope can help save their marriages. The reason this is a difficult indicator to trust is because every marriage is different, and while some of these indicators could spell imminent divorce for some married couples, others could last for years. The issues plaguing one couple could be deal-breakers for another. Predictors of divorce are not a guarantee your marriage is in trouble. Some marital problems are more serious in some relationships because of the personality of each party. You can’t use something as arbitrary as a divorce indicator to determine if there is any hope left in your relationship. Knowing if the time is right for you and your spouse to part ways is only something that you know.

4 Signs that Could Indicate You Are Headed for a Divorce

Getting divorced is an emotional experience sure to impact many other areas of your life. If you think your marriage is beyond repair, you should assess the situation and make a choice. Divorce is not a decision that should be made in haste, so whatever you choose should be done sensibly.

All that said, we have compiled the following list of indicators most often seen in couples filing to end their marriage:

  • You No Longer Enjoy Each Other’s Company: If you don’t enjoy spending time with your spouse, it can be a serious indicator you are not happy together. Codependency is not what we’re looking for in a healthy relationship, but if you are racing to get to alone time each day, it could be an indicator that your relationship is becoming less close.
  • You’re Tired of Trying: If one or both of you are no longer interested in making the marriage work, that’s a sign you will not put in the effort necessary to overcome the challenges that will come. Even a good, healthy marriage has challenges, so if either of you isn’t interested in working on the relationship, your marriage is in trouble.
  • There’s No Respect in Your Marriage: Respect is important in a marriage because if you and your mate don’t respect one another, you both will make choices and say things without consideration for your partner’s feelings. Without respect, you and your spouse are less likely to be willing to make hard choices in the marriage.
  • Lack of Physical Intimacy: Marriage is about closeness and intimacy. Couples thrive and relationships grow when they are nurtured and treated with care. Physical intimacy is one of the ways couples care for a relationship, but it’s not the only way for couples to connect. Sex in a marriage can wane and decrease in frequency, but if it’s absent, it’s not a good sign for the relationship.

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If you have noticed any of these indicators in your marriage, you can decide you want to spend the time working with your spouse to fix these issues. Just because you’ve noticed these indicators doesn’t have to mean you need a divorce, but it can mean that you need to address the issues in your marriage, so it won’t end that way. At Beatriz Zyne, P.A., we have helped guide clients through the divorce process for many years. If you decide to get a divorce, you won’t find a more compassionate and understanding legal team. Call Beatriz Zyne, P.A. at (305) 876-6138 for legal assistance with your divorce.