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Should I Get a Restraining Order During My Divorce?

There are various reasons why getting a restraining order against your spouse during your divorce makes sense. Some of these reasons include when your spouse is threatening you, harassing you, or you otherwise fear for your or your child’s safety. If there is any history of domestic violence between you and your spouse, then you may want to seriously consider seeking a restraining order.

Unfortunately, not all divorces are civil. While tempers may flare at certain junctures, at no point should any party or their loved ones feel harassed or threatened. If you feel you or your children would be unsafe without a restraining order, consult with a family law attorney to learn more about your options.

What Does a Divorce Restraining Order Do in Florida?

Also called an injunction for protection, a restraining order can prohibit any kind of contact between you and the subject of the order. It can also establish other criteria that the subject must comply with.

A few specific things a restraining order can do include the following:

  • Prohibit acts of domestic violence against a protected person
  • Prohibit the subject of the order from living with any protected person or coming within a certain distance of them or their relatives, friends, and neighbors
  • Prohibit the subject of the order from entering the protected person’s residence, even if was formerly their own residence
  • Prohibit the subject of the order from owning any kind of weapon
  • Require the subject of the order to participate in substance abuse treatment, counseling, or intervention
  • Assign temporary child custody rights and support obligations as necessary

Although some provisions of a restraining order are common, others may be specifically tailored to meet the protected person’s needs. The court will evaluate the risk the other party could pose to you or your loved ones. If it affirms your need for an injunction for protection, it will order one that fits your situation.

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