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5 Benefits of Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

You’re almost at the finish line, and your new family member is almost official. The finalization hearing is the last hurdle before you finish what has probably been a long and emotionally exhausting race. While this may seem like a straightforward process, adoption can be a long and complicated journey. Having an attorney can impact the ease of your adoption.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

Even if an agency has handled your adoption, you still may want to consider the benefits of having your own legal representation to ensure you understand what’s happening. The courtroom is typically closed during adoption proceedings.

  • Knowledgeable Advocate: Adoption is a complicated process used to grow your family legally. While it’s a great day for every family and their new additions, it’s also a legal event that can be confusing. The entire process is comprised of words and procedures that many find intimidating and strange. Having a knowledgeable advocate present who can help you make informed decisions is extremely valuable.
  • Process & Procedural Support: The adoption process is a state function, and it’s mostly comprised of paperwork and processes. An adoption lawyer can ensure that your forms are correctly completed and submitted to the correct place on time. As your advocate in the process, your lawyer will help you navigate pitfalls and avoid common errors.
  • Legal Representative: As your adoption attorney, one of the most important roles your lawyer will fill is that of legal representation. They will represent your interest during court appearances and ensure that your case is being presented to the judge. They can also help you prepare for what is expected during your appearances.
  • Expedited Processes: If you hire an adoption attorney, they are specialists who have training or experience working with other families to execute their adoption. While much of what happens during an adoption is determined by court schedules and procedures, knowing the right paperwork, people, and processes can make it happen faster. An attorney can help keep your case on the right track and prevent your case from being derailed due to missing or unknown requirements.
  • Overcome Obstacles & Complications: The laws in every state are different, and if your adoption has obstacles or exceptional circumstance that make it a more complex legal situation, having an attorney advocating on your behalf who is aware of your case and prepared with a legal strategy can be extremely beneficial to your position.

Most commonly, you will see just families, the adopted child, a social worker, and attorneys present. In this small group, the attorney plays the valued role of advocate and representative. The entire process is typically over in less than an hour, and a family is presented to the judge and sworn in together. While it’s a beautiful process that creates or expands a family, it’s important to remember that it’s still a legal process that can be mired in complications and a tremendous number of legal documents and procedures. Having an advocate to help navigate the way can afford you and your new family considerable peace of mind.

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