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The Importance of Being Proactive in Your Own Divorce

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney will make a major difference in the outcome of your divorce, but this does not mean you should underestimate the importance of your own role in the process. The more proactive you are in your divorce, the better the outcome will be. However, you might be asking yourself what it means to be proactive in a divorce and how you can help your case. Continue reading to find out.

How to Play a Proactive Role

It is crucial to take some initiative in your divorce. When you attend your initial consultation with your divorce attorney, prepare a list of questions. Your attorney cannot guess what is on your mind, so try to think of this as a collaborative effort. You should also begin to gather pertinent financial records, which will help the asset division process go a lot more smoothly. If you postpone this step, your divorce might take more time, so the more proactive you are, the fewer delays you will experience.

Some of the financial records you should gather include tax returns, credit card statements, business financial statements, banking statements, IRS forms, and other relevant financial documents. Your attorney will let you know what other additional documents are necessary.

Here are some other ways in which you can be proactive in your divorce:

  • Understand the process: Instead of relying on the advice of family or friends, try to do some of your own research to understand the process and ask your divorce attorney any questions you might have along the way. No one is expecting you to become an expert, but you should learn the basics.
  • Think of your own needs: People often view divorce as a war or an event they need to survive. Instead of viewing this as a battle you need to get through, ask yourself what your needs are and how you and your attorney can most effectively go about achieving your goals. The items you want might be easy to negotiate, so take some time to honestly reflect on your needs.
  • Plan for your children’s needs: If you have children, you must think of their needs as well. Although many parents often wish to be awarded custodial guardianship, not everyone has the schedule to support such a request. Figure out what your schedule allows and what will serve the best interests of your children.

Talk to your attorney about your goals. It is important to be communicative and ensure you are both on the same page.

Obtain the Legal Representation You Deserve

Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotional experience. With the assistance of a skilled divorce attorney, however, you can get through it with greater ease. At Beatriz Zyne, P.A., our team will provide the exceptional legal guidance you need to protect your interests, so you can begin a brighter, better chapter in your life.

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