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Dangers of a DIY Divorce

If you are filing for a divorce and are worried about the costs of hiring an attorney to guide you through the process, you are probably considering representing yourself. With all the information available on the internet, it might seem like a plausible feat. Unfortunately, just because a wealth of information is accessible at the click of a mouse, does not mean you will absorb it all and know how to effectively apply it to your case. The mistakes you make while trying to handle your own divorce can ultimately cost you more than what you would have paid to have it done right the first time.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

No one can deny that the internet is a powerful tool. However, family law is a complex area of law and attorneys spend years honing their skills to ensure they can obtain the best possible results on behalf of their clients. No matter how good you are at conducting your own research, it is not comparable to the knowledge and experience an attorney builds up throughout the course of a career.

Moreover, if your spouse hires an attorney, you will be at a massive disadvantage. Without the same insight and familiarity your spouse’s attorney has with the law, you will likely make mistakes that can affect your life for many years to come.

Here are some more reasons why you should hire an attorney instead of handing your divorce legal guidance:

  • The paperwork can be complicated: When people think of the divorce process, they tend to just focus on the emotional aspects of it. Getting a divorce also involves a lot of paperwork and, if something vital is omitted or incorrect, it could result in unnecessary delays and other expenses.
  • You might be too emotional to wade through the details: An attorney is an unbiased, trained professional. During what is undoubtedly an emotional time for you, your attorney can advise you on making sound decisions. On your own, you might be prone to opting for impulsive choices that are largely based on feeling rather than logic.
  • Your spouse is being uncooperative: If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or not disclosing everything you need to know about your financial situation, you will have a hard time getting through your divorce and obtaining a fair agreement. Your attorney can help you obtain all necessary documentation and discover any hidden assets your spouse is trying to keep from you.
  • You have children: If you have minor children, determining custody will require the assistance of an experienced attorney. Otherwise, your post-divorce co-parenting relationship can become a nightmare and affect your children.

If your situation is complicated, hiring a divorce attorney is the most effective way to navigate it without making any unnecessary errors. There is no substitute for getting things done right on your first attempt.

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