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The Negative Impact of Social Media on Divorce

Social media is almost unavoidable these days. Hashtags are attached to every trend and many people rely on various platforms to remain connected to friends and family. Although this tool can be helpful in many ways, it can also present a plethora of risks that can potentially ruin your chances of obtaining the settlement you are seeking.

It might seem harmless, but social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide a lot of invaluable information that your spouse might not otherwise have access to. Nothing you choose to post is worth as much as what you can potentially lose, so disengage from social media for the time being.

Why is it Risky to Use Social Media?

From pictures to rants about your spouse, there are a lot of risks to remaining engaged in social media. Even if you unfriend or block your spouse, that will not necessarily keep him or her from obtaining the information you post online.

Here are some of the risks of continuing to use social media during your divorce:

  • Not all of your friends are actually your friends: You and your spouse probably share a lot of mutual friends, especially if you enjoyed a particularly long marriage. Therefore, you probably have a lot of the same friends online. Even if you were to unadd your spouse, there is a high chance that some of the individuals on your list of friends have a loyalty to your spouse and will relay any juicy tidbits you post to him or her. It would be near impossible figure out who might turn against you and who is your friend, so be smart, and forego the risk.
  • Your posts say a lot about you: Even the most frivolous post can say a lot about you and the sort of life you live. In some cases, it might be accurate. In others, something might only seem a certain way out of context. Either way, it will affect your divorce case. For example, if you are fighting for child custody, but post a picture of yourself partying, this could get taken out of context by your spouse to prove that you are an irresponsible parent.
  • Social media can reveal your spending habits: Social media is breeding ground for bragging. Many of us post pictures of fancy meals, extravagant purchases, or exotic vacations, which all reveal something about our spending habits. It says that you are well off and can afford to treat yourself. While this is all well and good if you want to look cool to your friends, looking cool in court when you are trying to lower your spousal support payments will make you look like a liar. The last thing you want is for a judge to think you are being dishonest.

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