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Signs that Indicate You Are Headed for a Divorce

Every marriage has its problems and running into a road bump now and then does not necessarily mean you should call it quits and begin filing for divorce. That said, some marital issues are more significant than others, especially if they are recurring and only ever seem to consistently worsen. Knowing whether it is time to file for divorce is something only you can know. To help you examine your situation, we compiled a list of signs that commonly indicate a marriage is headed for divorce.

Is Divorce Right for You?

Getting a divorce is a life-altering decision and its effects can reverberate throughout your life for many years to come in a variety of ways. As such, it is not something you should take lightly. However, no one should stay in a toxic or dysfunctional marriage, so if you feel like your marriage is headed for a divorce or no longer satisfies your needs, take a moment to analyze your situation and ask yourself if it is past the point of no return.

Here are some of the most common signs that indicate your marriage is headed for divorce:

  • You hardly spend time together: Of course, no one can or should be glued to each other all day, every day. You should, however, always try to make time for each other and enjoy the time you spend together. If you cannot wait to spend time on your own and dread quality time with your spouse, this is a pretty clear sign that divorce might be in the cards for you.
  • One or both of you lack the motivation to work on your marriage: Marriage takes work and it is a two-person effort, so if one or both of you already gave up on putting the necessary effort into your relationship, chances are this is the end.
  • You do not respect each other: Mutual respect is important in any relationship, especially in a marriage. If you no longer respect each other or feel like respect was never something you properly built the foundation for, and you believe it is beyond repair, divorce is probably on the horizon for you.
  • You are no longer intimate: There is more to marriage than sex, but if physical intimacy is lacking or non-existent, you have to ask yourselves why. Even though it is natural for physical intimacy to occasionally wane, especially if you have very young children, it is not normal for it to disappear completely.

If you recognize any of these or other troubling signs in your marriage, consider looking into your legal options.

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