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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020

October Offers a Chance to Recognize the Prevalence of Domestic Abuse Throughout the Country

Every minute, nearly 20 people are physically abused by their significant other in the United States. Every year, this totals more than 10 million women and men who suffer abuse from an intimate partner.

Every October, Americans are encouraged to speak up against domestic violence with the goal of educating the public, shedding light on the issue, inspiring change, and showing support to victims.

History of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month has offered an opportunity to recognize and condemn domestic violence since its inception in 1981 when the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence created a Day of Unity to raise awareness on abuse against women. The event has since grown to recognize all instances of domestic abuse, realizing that the danger is not limited to a single gender, nor is it an issue solely apparent in heterosexual relationships.

How to Observe National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Americans are encouraged to take initiative this month to speak out against domestic violence across the nation. Some ways you can show support to victims of domestic abuse throughout the month include:

  • Participating in events organized by The Domestic Violence Awareness Project and similar organizations
  • Taking the #1Thing pledge to stand up against violence and make one positive change in your community to combat the violence
  • Sharing reliable resources on your social media channels from groups like the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

There is no action too big or small when it comes to fighting the prevalence of domestic abuse.

Yearlong Resources for Victims and Survivors

While October offers an opportunity to amplify voices speaking out in support of victims, it’s important to ensure those affected by domestic violence remain aware of the resources available all year should they need it. Some helpful resources include:

Additionally, Beatriz Zyne, P.A. is available year round to aid victims in their pursuit of justice and safety. If your abuser is still present in your life, our family law firm can help you file for protective orders. We will work with tireless determination to protect you and your future.

Contact Beatriz Zyne, P.A. for more information on domestic violence and how to acquire legal protection from it.